Deep Dive on Amazon Cloud Directory
Thursday, April 27, 2017 12:00:00 PM PDT - 2:00:00 PM PDT
Learn how Amazon Cloud Directory enables you to build flexible cloud-native directories for organizing hierarchies of data along multiple dimensions. Using Cloud Directory, you can easily build organizational charts, device registries, course catalogs, and network configurations with multiple hierarchies. For example, you can build an organizational chart with one hierarchy based on reporting structure, a second hierarchy based on physical location, and a third based on cost center. 

Amazon Cloud Directory automatically scales to hundreds of millions of objects and provides an extensible schema that can be shared with multiple applications. As a fully-managed service, Cloud Directory eliminates time-consuming and expensive administrative tasks, such as scaling infrastructure and managing servers. You simply define the schema, create a directory, and then populate your directory by making calls to the Cloud Directory API.	
Learning Objectives: 
• Learn about the benefits and features of Amazon Cloud Directory
• Understand the advantages of using Cloud Directory over traditional directory solutions, such as Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) and other LDAP-based directories
• Discover how to efficiently organize hierarchies of data across multiple dimensions
• Get tips on how to create and extend Cloud Directory schemas
• Find out how to search your directory using strongly consistent and eventually consistent search APIs.	
Who Should Attend:
Developers, Software Engineers, IT Professionals
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